COTS / Mary Isaak Center

Interested in getting involved?
Contact: Patricia Cummings

COTS / Mary Isaak Center is the setting for the majority of COTS’ programs and services, which include helping families and single adults to heal from trauma and homelessness, gain life skills, optimize their income, and acquire permanent housing.

We provide a wide range of services that prevent and break the cycle of homelessness for children, families, and single adults.

Our mission is to provide support that allows our clients to transform their lives and get back under a roof of their own. We do this by:

  • Meeting basic human needs: We stablize clients and address the basic human need for safety, security, and food, and reliable shelter.
  • Transforming lives: We provide case management and counseling to help clients establish income, rebuild their credit, and look for housing.
  • Housing assistance: We teach the practical life skills necessary to find housing — for good.

Our supportive environment empowers homeless families, adults and children, whose lives have been shattered, to find hope again.


COTS has many, varied opportunities.  Click Here for more details.

Age Requirements: 14+ with adult supervision to work with guests; all-ages for donating, cleaning, and other particular volunteer opportunities